Today in the city Norwood 17.08.2017
China's Leverage — And Its Limits — In North Korea

President Trump blames China for not doing enough to contain North Korea's nuclear threat. But how much influence does China really have on Pyongyang?

Five Fast-Track Options For Blunting North Korea's Missile Threat To America

The Pentagon has a program that can intercept North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missiles, but it has been starved for funding and needs some quick upgrades to adequately protect the U.S. homela...

$82M Fine Proposed for North Carolina Man in Robocall Case

Federal officials have proposed an $82.1 million fine against a North Carolina man who they say made millions of illegally spoofed robocalls.

'Our Doors Are Always Open': North Korea Hits Out at U.S. Travel Ban

North Korea has criticized a U.S. government decision which makes it the only country to which U.S. citizens are banned from traveling.

Philippines Seeks ASEAN Consensus on North Korea Response

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines will seek agreement in Southeast Asia on ways to engage with North Korea, following pressure from the United...

U.S. Ban on Visiting North Korea a 'Sordid' Limit on Exchanges: KCNA

By Christine KimSEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea has criticized Washington's decision to ban U.S. passport holders from visiting the North, with state...

Evacuations Lifted, Allowing Return to North Carolina Outer Banks

(Reuters) - Two North Carolina counties on Thursday lifted evacuation orders as of noon on Friday, allowing tens of thousands of people back to the...

North Korea Confusion Illustrates Trump Administration's Divide Over Foreign Policy

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week the U.S. is not seeking a regime change in North Korea. That's in contrast to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who suggested last month that he would like to s...

Trump's secret weapon against North Korea: His tweets. Yep, we're all doomed.

I've never heard someone digging a hole say they can get out of said hole by continuing to dig, but that's pretty much what one Trump adviser claimed our commander-in-tweet would be able to do in rega...

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